Emporio Armani love.

Ok, even though I haven't paid much attention to the designs of Emporio Armani over the years, I believe I have been converted. The designer is a GENIUS. I have never, in all my years of intense interest in the world of fashion, been exposed to such luxurious, decadent and wonderfully wearable couture as offered by this label.

In particular, it is the Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 Women's Collection which has me begging for more. As I mentioned before, the theme is based on luxury, sophistication, with influences from the baroque era evident not only in the clothing, but also accessories.

The collection focuses heavily on the use of (patterned) knee high/ ankle socks, (think Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl), usually made from wool or a sheer material. Combined with heavy woolen/cotton dresses, designed to accentuate both an hour-glass, womanly shape and of course, the standard coltish body of a couture model, these beautiful creations come in a palette of muted tones, ranging from navy blues, blacks, dark greens, grays and the occasional purple/ brown finish.

The fabrics are simply breathtaking- velvet jackets trimmed with faux-fur and silk, butter soft leather jackets accentuated with elaborate details such as frills, military buttons and diamante chains, delicate little wrist gloves and intricate winter hats, crafted out of smoky olive velvet.

Makeup is also highly do-able: luscious berry lips and smoky eyes, offset by purples, greens and mud browns.