Love & Forgiveness

I have recently learned that some people truly do have an unfathomable capacity to forgive.

As someone who finds it very hard to forgive and forget the ills committed against me, I truly admire those who, despite history and their better judgement, can still find it within themselves to give those they love another chance. For many, forgiveness is not an emotion that comes naturally: it is an acquired gift that often only emerges in the most heartbreaking of circumstances, when one feels they love another person too much to let it all disintegrate. Forgiveness can come about reluctantly, yet still be the better alternative than to let go and hold onto the hurt.

For others, forgiveness comes naturally; it is a form of unconditional love that persists despite any adversary and hardship, and one that enables amour to exist, unencumbered by spite.

Love, as I am slowly learning, really is a remarkable thing. As painful, irrational and all -consuming as it can be, once found, it is always hard to let go off. Some types of love are worth saving, some are destructive, and for the lucky few, love is a salvation, easy to receive and even easier to give.