B is for Beauty.

Beauty is a very contentious subject, one which elicits many negative and positive reactions.

Beauty is an aesthetic which lights up the world; it may not be an essential part of life, however, its status survives, and will forever survive, simply because it brings people pleasure. Despite many assurances to the contrary, beauty, whether it be found in people, nature, fashion or architecture, is something everyone appreciates, and many aspire to achieve and own beyond all costs.

However, beauty does not only exist on the outside. It is also found in attributes such as kindness, love, happiness; it can illuminate seemingly plain people from the inside, encompassing them in a glow which far surpasses those who have only their outward appearance to offer.

And most importantly, let us not forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Love is blind to all faults. And as we all have someone who loves us, we can all be considered beautiful, even if it is not always said out loud.

I yearn, I pine, I perish.

Can you not see me in this room? It's so pristine and white I could almost become so myself. If I don't spill something all over it, that is.

Crazy couch.

Now, I don't know about you, but I believe that an elegant and/or unique couch is needed in every home. As I am currently residing with the parentals, I have little to no choice as to our couches. As a result, they are attractive, even sitable, but certainly not within the realm of beauty and craziness that they could be. Honestly though, I will most likely just have the very French inspired, ornate couch, one which will look amazing against a backdrop of opulence, gold and leather bound books, haphazardly (yet artfully) arranged on beautifully crafted bookshelves of light pine wood (naturally complementing the similar wooden floor). I will also have a delicate coffee table, glass, rimmed with white wood, engraved with intricate designs and holding two or three highly prized books - one displaying elegance throughout the years, one attributed to contemporary fashion and perhaps one design book, featuring decadent displays of wealth, architecture and interior design.

I really need a good job. (Or a wealthy husband ;) )

The only reason to have children.


I just had to put these up. I have decided that if I accidentally have a child, he/she will be lavished with such a room, because although mummy will be too old to live in it, she will most definitely appreciate it.

My dream home: Viva la France

Sorry for all the posts! It seems that I have yet to escape my sporadic and almost spastic posting habits. But there are so, so, so many beautiful images out there, just waiting to be discovered and distributed! And as for my dream home...French design, lace, white. That is all I need.


Ladies and Gentleman, I bring you Collette Dinnigan, designer extraordinaire.


Lately, I have really become interested in all things lace.

Lace is beautiful, feminine and elegant; it is versatile, and representative of many diverse styles, such as punk, rock, goth, Victorian elegance and bridal couture. Whether it be virginal white or hard black, it never fails to impress.

A is for Absence

It's interesting how every so often, people we haven't known for very long somehow embed themselves into our psyche and our affections. They quickly become a part of our daily thought rituals, and we indulge in many a fantasy regarding their well being and whereabouts.

However, the significance of their impact upon our lives is usually truly determined when they are absent. It is then that we have the time to reassess our attachment, and to see whether this new association is really as solid as we have imagined it to be in the first stages of its life.

Often, it is not. But if it is based on a something solid, it may just go the distance.