Journalism! (and recent events)

So today, I once again re-entered the realm of writers.

I interviewed a person. And not just any person: a professor at Melbourne University, whose knowledge of online media and journalism has provided very interesting and useful concepts for my up and coming article. That's right, I have actually decided to DO something with my time and research an article (coming out in the next Farrago edition, hopefully, unless I really screw it up), so people, stay tuned for more wise words from Caroline.

Overall, the time is going simultaneously slowly and quickly. I spend it with friends, watching Sailor Moon (shh), reading literature and trash, magazines, looking at fashion and dreaming about the lovely things that will be happening a month from now. March really is the loveliest month of all: FINALLY, I return to my beloved studies, where I can finally exercise my mind beyond the wonders of Sailor Moon and Twilight.

It is also my birthday. Not as significant as the last, and yes, I am becoming older, however, until the day I am told I actually look my age, I will be satisfied to age gracefully and cosmetic- surgery less :D

Also, March is the month I have schedules my internship with The Herald and Weekly Times, so folks, perhaps you will have the chance to enjoy an article or two in the always credible MX, or perhaps even The Herald Sun itself!

And more wonderful thing is happening, but that shall remain a secret. Let's just say that it will be the most pleasant occurrence of all. :)

ta ta!