I have finally started catching up with the news (which is really despicable, considering that my ambitions lie within the field of journalism), and let me tell you, it's not easy to be constantly reading about the tragedy and horror that is occurring in the world.

Take the recent example of Haiti. It is incomprehensible, especially to those lucky enough to be living in not only a 1st world country, but also a land mass (such as Australia) that is rarely, if ever, affected by natural disasters. And certainly not earthquakes. (Those who claim that the 'shake' which occurred in Melbourne last year was an earthquake should go and live in Haiti, California or Japan. That would probably give you some perspective of what a natural disaster actually is, instead of focusing on something that possibly shook a lamp.)

The flood of images and stories detailing a city saturated with death and disease, anguish and uncertainty tug on my heartstrings every time. Broken homes, broken families, broken hearts; that is mostly what remains of Port-au-Prince, as well as certain rural communities such as Leogane, where the desire for survival is slowly turning people against each other, and even themselves, changing them into people who can only think and feel with instinct, rather than compassion. And why should they not? Food prices are on the rise, water and supplies are scarce, disease and the threat of infection rampant.

So people who can, give. Give something that will ease at least the life of one person, for maybe one day. It's still helping.

I know I will.