Well, today was an eventful day. Had a wonderful morning, breakfasting at stately Yarraville and then frolicking in windy Williamstown. It's quite a lovely place, if you close your eyes and pretend you can't hear little children screaming and cute dogs relieving themselves, both in liquid and hard form, all over the luscious greenery of the 'park'. (I put that in inverted commas, as today we decided that it's not really a park, but more of a 'reserve', which, although we could not define, we thought that it captured the lack of intimacy and peace that a park would never not posses).

BUT ANYWAY, today I ALSO became the proud owner of a Mac Book Pro. Now let me tell you, despite appreciating the Macs for their beauty, grace and style, I was never much inclined to enter into its extended family circle, simply due to the fact that I could not work them out. Even now, being One Who Owns A Mac, I still cannot fathom how such a beautiful machine can be so different from every other computer I have ever had. But let me tell you this; it sure is easier to type on! And, as a bonus, it does not contain the five million viruses my other computer is currently infested with, and, as a result, must be executed in the near future.

So, travel with me on my journey of Mac Discovery - it should be quite an interesting ride.


Anonymous said...

i don't see ur macbook