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The Sartorialist

OK, I may not be the most stylish person in the world, and maybe I have just begun to scrape the surface of fantastic fashion, but one thing that The Sartorialist and, as well as various magazines, shows and other fashion vessels have convinced me of is that true elegance can only be found in Europe.

New York fashion, as quirky, eclectic and imaginative as it is, can simply not compete with the sheer chic of European style. LA, as distinctive and, ahem, revealing as it is, simply does not have the innate markings of individuality and class. Asian fashion, in all of its cutesy glory, has certainly carved a niche of its own, and is, in many aspects, a fantastic representation of its surrounding culture. Nevertheless, my heart belongs to Europe.'s just innate. I wish I was Parisian. I could pull of quirky leather trousers, 7 inch leopard heels and a sheer, chiffon olive green pussy bow blouse. Or even wear a firefighter hat.

In Milan, I would be able to ride a bike in my sailor's platforms, my long, luxurious hair flowing freely from under my green cap...and looking beyond alluring. Sigh.

I am going to Europe.


ravenskar said...

The woman in the final photo looks/is AMAZING.