What do you do when you feel like your whole world is turning on you? How do you begin to sift through the mess that is your brain? How do you force yourself to face your fears, however minuscule they may seem to others?

It's interesting how the person you present yourself to others can often be so different from the person you feel you are inside. How do some people start of sweet and understanding, and turn into dragons and backstabbers once you make them angry? How do some, seemingly arrogant and heartless, turn out to be the sweetest and most loyal?

And how do some put up veneer of casual independence, and then drown in their own feelings of insecurity, projecting them onto those they love most?

Humans are made up of a labyrinth of emotions, actions, perceptions and interpretations, and only lately I've begun to scratch at the reflective, glass-like surface of their complexity.