Bec and Bridge - opulance through lace, metallics, leather and black

Need I say anything else? They always say that a picture speaks a thousand words...I believe this one is a thesis then.

Oh, the JACKET. EXACTLY WHAT I WANT. The hair would be nice too.

And there you go. Absolutely gorgeous.

Something I covet...a simple black cotton/ woolen dress, ideally dressed down with a black leather biker jacket, black opaques and lace up ankle boots, or ballet flats. Set off against a palette of gold, chunky jewellery and leather cuffs, and you have an amazingly chic, day time outifit.

For nighttime, just add sky high heels, preferably in silver, bare legs, smoky, cat eyes, and an elegant bracelet from Tiffany & Co. Bam.

The hair, the jacket and the massive bracelet... sheer rock chick elegance.

Simple, chic, yet requiring a certain flair to pull off. I'd probably be really cold in the sleeveless jacket, but we all must make sacrifices for fashion.


ravenskar said...

i LOVE these VERY much. the kind of slick edginess that i enjoy. however, they're really your style, caroline, even if you may covet these items. :P at least save up for items that suit you!

ravenskar said...

btw, it makes me so happy you're posting more. and DIFFERENT THINGS! :D:D fashion!!