Karla's Closet

God, I adore karlacloset.com.

If you haven't visited her blog yet, you are MISSING OUT. I cannot believe that she FINDS those outfits in second hand shops. Oh, shush you, I get that it's 'vintage', but we all know that the word has just become the fashionable way of describing clothing which is, essentially, old. Oh, how I love euphemisms.

Nevertheless, I digress. She always manages to find the most fabulous sheaths of fabric, intricately woven or sewn or whatever the words people use to describe the process of making clothes, together in order to create masterpieces. These are some of my favourites:

She is my insipration. Her sense of style, her wonderful classy individuality shines through the way she dresses. Just by looking at her, you can immediately tell she has innate style, one that transcends any trend. Her clothes, I have noticed, are primarily comprised of timeless, classic pieces which I suspect have been tailord expertly to her shape. These classics are usually combined with some quirky/ eclectic accessory, often a fabulous shoe, bag or scarf.