Ok. So a few people (mainly two) have been, to various degrees, HEAVILY encouraging me to write something. ANYTHING. Just to get myself started again. It's funny how once you get into a rut, it's so incredibly difficult to get yourself out of that comfortable yet unproductive existence, telling yourself that everyday, something is going to change; that you'll get up, have some breakfast, read the news and then get started on some GROUNDBREAKING story that will make you the new Journalist of the World ( I made that up, but it would be so cool if that was actually an award).

So for the past year or so, perhaps a little less, I have been on a total roller coaster. (I was going to put 'of emotion', but I just couldn't.) So now, things are finally looking up. I believe that the most incredible feeling in the world is when your mind suddenly awakens from a long and relentless nightmare, slowly clawing its way up to begin working towards that long- lost dream. The spark of ambition begins to return, and you start to remember that there is so much shit out there that you've lost, and must gather up again into a pretty basket, decoarted with the shining material of success.

Hopefully these two people know who they are - one will for sure, for she is always (delicately, of course) telling me that I should really throw myself into writing and fashion and all things delicious and just WRITE.

Well, let me share just a few of my observations then, that I have been carrying in my head for the past however months I have not updated anything here.

1). Now, I promise I am not trying to be offensive, but I really want to know WHO finds mullets attractive. As a resident of Werribee, I have noticed that most days, I will encounter a walking mullet. Today, as I was quietly and quickily walking down the ramp at Werribee station, I saw not only a mullet, but a CURLY, RED mullet strutting its stuff in front of me. Who, you may be asking, did this piece of artwork belong to? A woman in a very thick, navy jacket, with black raybans and nazy working pants from Kmart. (

And now a question: Can people, anyone is welcome, let me know if they find mullets attarctive? And WHY? OR if they perhaps are open enough to understand the concept of the mullet? I really would like to hear the response.