I have realised something lately; people are good, people are strong and people are willing to help you understand the meaning of happiness.

Not too long ago, happiness seemed a distant star, twinkling jovially from the sky, reminding those who couldn't reach it just how far away it really was. It would touch only those who have found some inner peace within themselves, those who have discovered the meaning of their own special brand of joy.

Insecurity is one the most destructive emotions of all; it exists to question everything that you do and everything you feel. It beats you down gradually with its stifling doubt, denying you free will, to the point of refusing you your instinct. And that's the one thing no one should ever forget; if it feels right, it's right, and it will make you happy.

And people who are happy are able to make others happy too.


ravenskar said...

i like this. very much. :)