Crazy couch.

Now, I don't know about you, but I believe that an elegant and/or unique couch is needed in every home. As I am currently residing with the parentals, I have little to no choice as to our couches. As a result, they are attractive, even sitable, but certainly not within the realm of beauty and craziness that they could be. Honestly though, I will most likely just have the very French inspired, ornate couch, one which will look amazing against a backdrop of opulence, gold and leather bound books, haphazardly (yet artfully) arranged on beautifully crafted bookshelves of light pine wood (naturally complementing the similar wooden floor). I will also have a delicate coffee table, glass, rimmed with white wood, engraved with intricate designs and holding two or three highly prized books - one displaying elegance throughout the years, one attributed to contemporary fashion and perhaps one design book, featuring decadent displays of wealth, architecture and interior design.

I really need a good job. (Or a wealthy husband ;) )