B is for Beauty.

Beauty is a very contentious subject, one which elicits many negative and positive reactions.

Beauty is an aesthetic which lights up the world; it may not be an essential part of life, however, its status survives, and will forever survive, simply because it brings people pleasure. Despite many assurances to the contrary, beauty, whether it be found in people, nature, fashion or architecture, is something everyone appreciates, and many aspire to achieve and own beyond all costs.

However, beauty does not only exist on the outside. It is also found in attributes such as kindness, love, happiness; it can illuminate seemingly plain people from the inside, encompassing them in a glow which far surpasses those who have only their outward appearance to offer.

And most importantly, let us not forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Love is blind to all faults. And as we all have someone who loves us, we can all be considered beautiful, even if it is not always said out loud.